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Boo-World's Cutest Dog

Price : 199000

Age : 0-5

Detail :
Boo, The World's Cutest Dog is made by Gund. He is an 8-inch replica of a Pomeranian dog. For those who are not familiar with who Boo is, he is a dog who got into some chewing gum, and the owner had to shave his head to get it out. Once he was shaved, she started up a facebook page recording his daily activities. The page went viral, and Boo now has over 1.6 MILLION followers!! Gund has done a wonderful job recreating this plush toy to look like the real Boo. He has brown glass eyes, a brown plastic nose, and a hand stitched mouth. His body is light tan in color, and his head is two toned, a light tan, and light brown at the top. Boo is a MUST HAVE for any Gund collector, or pet lover in your family!

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