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Price : 79000

Age : 3+

Detail :
Triceratops snarls and digs in for thundering charge across a North American plain. This 1:45 scale replica from Safari Ltd® has a lifelike texture, right down to the wrinkles. It was designed to reflect the latest scientific research. Like all Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles, this model is authenticated by the paleontologists at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, home of one of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur fossils. Each Carnegie Dinosaur Collectible is individually hand painted, resulting in vivid designs that appeal to all imaginations. The scale of the collection ranges from 1:10 to 1:65. Measures: 6.75” L x 3.25” H (17 x 8.5 cm) All of our products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested

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