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Princess Jasmine Sonata

Price : 499000

Age : 12+

Detail :
Princess Jasmine, is the protagonist of the Disney film, Aladdin. Jasmine is a spirited headstrong young woman, who’s full of vigor and not afraid of adventure. She’s featured for the first time along with the other Disney princesses wearing an aqua outfit with long bustle pants and a crop top which reveals her hour glass figure. Her attire is finished off with aqua slipper-like shoes, copper earrings, choker, and tiara. She’s holding the infamous magical oil lamp, the home of Genie. Collect all six Disney Princesses to complete the Sonata collection. Place Jasmine on the Princess Sonata’s universal musical base, sold separately to hear Jasmine's tune, “A Whole New World.” 6" H Stone resin Unique variations should be expected; hand painted

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